My finite mind cannot contain Your infinite virtues. The ‘I AM’ is uncontainable.

3 Second Gospel

How many people’s lives do you think Christ changed in His daily interactions with them? Just by being the living Word, Christ transformed the lives of those He briefly met and brought them closer to the Father. But what about us? Are we not called to imitate Christ? How do I emit love and care, all while introducing that person to Christ, in the 3 seconds I pay for my coffee or check out my groceries? Somehow in the limited interactions Christ had with the multitudes of people everyday, He showed such a lovingkindness that the crowds would follow Him for miles into the next cities, leaving behind work, family, and homes. How captivated they must have been! I think we are called to be the living gospel. Our actions, words, and manner should reflect Christ so prominently that we all become evangelists! If God could change a stutterer like Moses into the prophet who commanded pharaoh, and Saul into the Lord’s apostle Paul, then our evangelizing has more to do with what God can do with us than what we can do for Him. Evangelizing sounds like such a scary role to take on but, in reality, we are all evangelists whether we like it or not. How we treat our friends and family, the socially awkward, or even a complete stranger, matters. How we live our lives matters. We don’t need to knock on every door in our neighborhood or pass out bibles on the street to evangelize, being Christ needs no words. Let me be clear, the only way to bring others to the Father is to imitate Christ. Displaying the characteristics Christ assumed by being loving, caring, long-suffering and patient can have more weight than giving a 2 hour sermon on love and patience. And not only does it bring others to Christ but it changes you. Because, lets not forget, the jar that brings water to the thirsty is also itself cleansed. May your heart be so filled with Christ, that it bursts forth into the lives of those around you.

GPS stress

two-roads-in-a-yellow-woodLately, the theme of life has been death. Isn’t it always? However, in my life, death has taken a great deal of people recently. I never understood death. Its crazy to me how a person can cease to exist in this world and now exist in the other. What I mean is, a person can live amongst the mortal mankind and, with God’s will, pass onto living amongst the immortal and divine. How much of a contrast do you think it’ll be? And then, thats it, you have completed the time that God had given you to establish the plans He had set for you. Whether your life be 30 days or 30 years, somehow you need to find the path to salvation before time is up. Its like when you first start driving, and your like, oh my gosh.. my own life is in my hands now and any mistake I make can cost me my life or someone else’s. And then you’re overwhelmed with the feeling of ‘too much power’. Now often  times, we don’t realize that our ENTIRE life is like that. Every decision, every move we make will either contribute to our salvation or our demise. Wherever we end up is in our hands. And even scarier than that, its ETERNITY. Sometimes I ask, well, who signed me up for that? I am NOT qualified for this job. I can barely decide what I want to eat sometimes. Well, thats free will for ya. But then, I am overcome with thanksgiving knowing that we were given the Holy Spirit to guide us through. We don’t have to blindly make decisions and hope for the best. Not just that, God called us to submit our free will to His will so that we are led towards Him. He has a plan for us! Thank God for His grace and mercy. I pray that we hear ” Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will make you ruler over many. Come and share your Master’s happiness.” (Matthew 25:21)

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